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Premium grade shea butter combined with natural oils to form an easy moisturizing experience


100% Natural Botanical Ingredients

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fragrance Roll on body oil

100% Pure Premium Quality!

fragrance body mist

Fragrance mists at So shea the perfect, nourishing, refreshing scents your skin will love

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Blunt vibe
Air freshener

100% Pure Premium Quality!

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Your product is soooooo awesome. I usually whip up my own Shea, but I went to a local beauty supply in Dallas, Tx. To my surprise natural cocoa butter whipped with a wonderful scent. Thank you!!! I'm going to buy 3 more tubs this week.


OK so I ordered some Shea butter and body oil‘s they smell so divine I just got them today smells so beautiful especially the body roll-on fresh flower so I came back to see if I could order some more I seen them so guys please when you get them back in stock please holler at Sister I’m making a second order this will be my go to place for body care love you guys happy holidays I’m on my second order

Shay M.

"I bought this Shea butter in a store before but after a while I couldn’t find it. I finally came across it on this website. I have to say it’s the best Shea butter, it’s so smooth & easy to apply. The body oils also smell amazing. Can’t wait to order more"

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